The Journal of the London School of Economics Hayek Society



The LSE Hayek Society was founded in 1996 by Allister Heath and Hector Birchwood. It grew to become the LSE's largest intellectual society and Europe's largest libertarian student organisation. The Society was named after Friedrich von Hayek, one of the most distinguished economists and philosophers of the 20th century. The aim of the Society is to defend and promote the ideas of classical liberalism and free market economics.

Ama-gi, the official journal of the LSE Hayek Society, was conceived by Hector Birchwood, with the purpose disseminating ideas and encouraging debate within the university. The Journal was named after the earliest notation of 'freedom', which is found in ancient Sumerian cuneiform. Ama-gi included commentary and analysis from various contributors, including Nobel Prize economists, academics, students and the occasional celebrity.

Paid advertising in the Journal provided income for the Hayek Society and allowed it to be financially independent -a goal which Hector Birchwood argued would maintain the intellectual integrity of the Society, because it would not need to rely on funds from any single contributor. Furthermore, by being a profitable venture, Ama-gi reinforced the Society's philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit.

This website contains the first four editions of Ama-gi, whilst Hector Birchwood was Editor and Cartoonist. Selected articles from each issue can be downloaded from this site.

Issue No. 1 Issue No. 2 Issue  No. 3 Issue No. 4